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Security at first

Your Customers and Business data are safe with us. There are a number of steps we take to ensure you are the one who can access your site data and that your visitors' privacy is respected.

Secure Sockets Layer

We are using SSL technology standard for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Personal Date Base

Every Client has own dedicated date base hosted in secured cloud environment.

Daily basis backups

Sleep well. We are aware how important is data for your business. You have always access to your backup storage in case of any emergency.

PCI-DSS Compilance

Using best security standard for companies and organizations that handle payment information from consumers.

Boost control of Your Business.

Divecentre24 is a comprehensive platform that will help to manage diving schools, centres and diving points. Its interface is clear and self-intuitive. It allows for a hassle free organisation of customer documents, setting courses and expeditions or effective indexing and servicing of equipment.

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Continuous Improvements

Check Divecentre24 platform changes history.

Let's Manage Your Business.

Start playing with our temporary data-base to explore all Divecentre24 features.

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