Client Management

  • Client card index
  • Permits / diving licenses
  • Owned equipment
  • Hisotry of courses
  • History of expeditions
  • History of services
  • Clients messages archive
  • Groups attribution

Scheduling / Calendar

Calendar display options
  • Birthday
  • Medical examination
  • Insurance
  • Service
  • Equipment certification
  • Courses
  • Expeditions
Import / Export
  • Sharing ical link
  • Calendar synchronization with third-party services (e.g. google, outlook)

Employees administration

  • Creating / editing employees of the center
  • Granting individual access rights to individual application modules


  • Create expedition
  • Assigning clients
  • Assigning Staff
  • Add events to expedition
  • Integration with POS module
  • Print Expedition Card
  • Send SMS and email notifications to expedition participants
  • Export expedition list to csv, xls


  • Adding multiple course dates
  • Assigning clients
  • Assigning Staff
  • Integration with POS module
  • Print Course Card
  • Send SMS and email notifications to course participants
  • Export course participants list to csv, xls


  • Unlimited suppliers and business contacts
  • Unlimited warehouses
  • Inventory management
  • Transfer products between warehouses
  • Invoicing
  • One-time service
  • Client assign possibility
  • Multiple baskets


  • Manageable service parts
  • Integration with POS
  • Service history
  • Print servicing card


  • Possibility to assign employee to the task
  • Custom labels
  • Setting a deadline
  • Drag and drop
  • Notifications


  • Unlimited recipients
  • Status of sent messages
  • Own name instead of phone number

Search engine

  • Filtering by degrees (and their exclusion)
  • Send email and sms to search results
  • Search by customer group
  • A global search engine available from any application level.


  • Amazon s3 integration

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