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Participant’s records

Our platform allows You to input directly into the database all diving qualifications, medical tests and diving insurance in a form of clear to read scans and attachments. It reminds You of necessary medical tests, insurance cover and upcoming equipment servicing dates. What’s more – in the case of a diving accident, it will tell who to notify first.

Customer contact details

Going through all the databases can take up to much time. With Divecentre24 You can get in touch with all your customers, thanks to simple mailing and text message center. Assigning participants to their courses will become easy and self-intuitive.

Documentation and bookkeeping

With Divecentre24 management software You can regularly balance your accounts and create ready to print contracts. Our system will allow You to assign participants to their diving courses, together with rented equipment. It will also assign well-qualified instructors to them throughout their training.

Calendar and scheduled tasks

For your convenience, we have an integrated calendar and scheduled tasks option on your desktop. Divecentre24 software will also notify You of approaching medical tests, customer’s birthdays and various other schedules to help improve the efficiency of your customer service.

Monitoring of equipment

Our virtual warehouse will allow your company hassle free equipment management. You will be able to check what You have on hand like date of purchases. Servicing schedules will remind You when to check equipment or when to refill oxygen tanks.

Virtual equipment rental

Equipment rental will make management of company’s assets easy, taking into consideration personalized discounts for rentals and period of usage. There is a possibility of creating multiple warehouses and virtual moving of equipment from one to another.



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