Divecentre24 was created out of love to dive. It’s a comprehensive platform that will help to manage diving schools, centres and diving bases. Its interface is clear and self-intuitive. It allows for a hassle free organisation of customer documents, setting courses and expeditions or effective indexing and servicing of equipment.

An expanded administrative panel allows for adding any number of employees and assigning them individual access rights. The program itself can be used wherever You have internet access – in the office, on the beach or on a boat. Would You like to try it out? Just register your account with us and choose one of the available bundles.


Divecentre24 platform is based on five modules. Each one is responsible for managing different tasks: customer database, diving courses, expeditions, service and rental of equipment.

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The customer module helps to store and quickly access all personal and contact data and individual equipment servicing and repair history.

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The servicing module is helpful for tracking all servicing and repairs. From the moment of receiving the equipment through the repair process to returning it to the customer.

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The rental equipment module allows for creating virtual warehouses and management of all gear belonging to individual diving schools. With this module, You can also get the possibility of tracking all rentals: who borrowed what and for how long.

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The diving courses and expedition module was created to organise and record diving courses and expeditions. It helps to assign payments, instructors and any other important data to each of the participants.